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Whether you are a national, regional, franchisee, or small independent contractor, and whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or both types of opportunities, our Coalition subscription allows you the flexibility to implement either a full suite of services, or a complimentary subscription to augment your current marketing programs or franchise provided services.

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“We are getting super strong web traffic to our website! Love the results! We will certainly be customers for life!”

I can say with utmost certainty that they will never lead you astray. You can expect an honest, accurate assessment of your business and how he and his team can transform it. Should this company take you on as a client, you are not only getting a media company, you are getting a partner. And that’s what it is all about. These guys genuinely want to see you succeed. This is what they live for.


Subscription Options

While a Member in Good Standing You Have Access and Right to Use The Following:

* Per Area Pricing
** SingleSign business is not guaranteed, and is distributed on a quality of service metric, every subscriber has access to opportunity through the SingleSign Platform. A nominal processing and maintenance fee is charged on all SingleSign closed business.
*** Introductory rate applies to all year one subscriptions, rates subject to change at renewal.

This is absolutely the best choice my companies have ever made, we are headed for our best year ever, and last check, in just 4 months up over 48% vs the last quarter of 2020, very impressed with the quality and service.”

The team at Danconia is the best! Keystone Management has been with Danconia for 10+ years and we are still treated like a new customer.”

Myles Tarbel, Keystone Management

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You don’t have to buy a franchise to win any longer! The Contractors Coalition provides franchise-like sales and marketing services without all of the contractual and procedural headaches and cost involved in becoming a franchisee of a larger national or global organization. Spare yourself the trouble and high costs



Pick a Package That Works Best For You and Your Business Starting at $295.00 mo.



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“We would never be able to get access to the volume and types of companies the Coalition provides us on our own”

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“Danconia brings us millions in opportunity year in and year out”

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Today’s business environment, especially online, once again favors those with the deepest pockets, he who has the most money wins, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Do you ever wonder why your digital initiatives fail, or continue to fall way short of your expectations?

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