Our programs provide so much more than SEO because we take a holistic approach to your digital marketing efforts, something you just won’t find elsewhere.

Where others look at your SEO as a silo in and of itself, we look at it as a part of a complete marketing process. Others stop at onsite quick fixes, spammy link buying, and blog posts, we follow through to revenue and profitability. That requires a comprehensive view and execution of your program.

A properly strategized, well thought out, and executed organic SEO program is much more than a way to drive revenue forward; it becomes the cornerstone of a well run marketing and business plan. Tell your banker or CPA you are working on one, and see his or her eyes light up!

Businesses and organizations alike face many daily challenges presenting issues that, if not addressed, can lead to ongoing roadblocks in meeting long-term objectives and goals. Sometimes these challenges can last for years.

Often, the only thing needed is a “nudge” to push the process beyond current constraints, accelerating your business into the next phase of its business cycle growth.

Some of these challenges include issues with seasonality, economic downturns, cyclical industry patterns, staffing, margin pressure, employee morale, product and service development, job satisfaction, client and job selection, HR, and more, in addition to revenue and profitability. If you hire the right company, a company with its roots in marketing and sales, roots that have been part of many business growth stories—theirs and others—then you will realize a whole lot more than just revenue and profitability growth. You will have built a better business, or taken a good business and made it great!

Let me explain.

The Tipping Point

You’ve most likely heard the term The Tipping Point mentioned before. “It’s the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.” With the right partner working on your digital marketing and organic SEO strategies, your company or organization can reach the tipping point and supercharge your revenues, profits, and engagement.

The right partner.

“The point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.”

The difference between a partner and “the right partner” is everything. It’s one of those changes. In fact it may be one of the first changes that can lead you down the road to the tipping point. Bringing a partner like Danconia to the table allows you to focus not only on the task of SEO, but performing the task with professionalism and with a well rounded eye for sales, marketing, and all around business acumen. With most companies you get a vendor; with Danconia you get a business partner.

Change, the Instigator for Success, and the “Tipping Point”

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.

You hear it all the time: change is hard. Yes it is. But without it, nothing great will come. Taking that first step can be a scary experience. What do we do? How do we do it? Who can we trust? These are all questions you must answer before embarking down the long and winding road of digital (actually all) marketing. In order to grow your business revenue, and address other types of organizational challenges, change must occur. You have taken the first step and found us. We take our responsibility to your business seriously, as if your business is our business. That doesn’t happen in very many places these days. But don’t take our word for it, reach out to some of our clients and ask them!

“From a marketing standpoint, the impact of the new brand and website upon our practice is like night and day. We went from an average of 35 new patient inquires a week to 35 a day, all because of the polished, professional website, and its increased visibility on the web thanks to Danconia’s digital marketing expertise. In fact, we get so many calls now that we’ve had to hire another person just to answer the phones.”

We are change experts. We can help you in all facets of your business so that when you undertake this digital marketing program, if you need, we can work with you and your staff to recognize change, where it is needed, and help make it happen.

“All Great Changes are Preceded by Chaos.”
D. Chopra

You are probably asking yourself right now, “What has all this got to do with my digital marketing program?” Everything.

Many companies treat SEO tasks as just that: tasks. But if you dig deeper into what you really should be getting out of a great partner for your digital marketing efforts, it should be much more than a task doer. The right partner will help you build and protect your brand, assist in shaping your business, and help you address the many business challenges you face day to day.

O.K. Let’s discuss those challenges and how we can overcome them with SEO, Digital Marketing, and maybe a few other things

Seasonal Peaks and Troughs

For the most part all businesses have seasonal peaks and troughs. There are a variety of reasons for this from corporate and government budget periods to seasonal weather to traditional vacation periods. When you embark on an effective SEO campaign you widen and deepen your opportunity funnel, which in turn gives you a bigger pool of potential opportunity to weather the storm. Over time, as the pool grows, you will slowly realize you are not feeling the pinch of seasonality.

Economic Downturns and Cyclical Industry Slumps

Let’s face it, these are the worst of times. The only way to effectively ward off the spirits is by targeting the shrinking group of people actively looking for the products and services you offer. If you don’t get them, someone else will. Anything that strengthens your competitors weakens you. With over 95% of all transactions having some online influence, organic SEO is the only sure way to stack the odds in your favor. With pinpoint precision you can not only target them but get them to engage with your brand.

Sales and Marketing

The obvious advantage to a well-run SEO program is increased sales and revenues, as well as profitability. However, with Danconia you get a partner with deep experience in marketing, something that just can’t be overlooked. Increased revenue can come from greater exposure, but that, in and of itself, won’t drive sales to great heights. What you need to really succeed on a grand scale is a message. Stories move clients, and all businesses need one. I can’t tell you how many times we start working for a client, and the employees can’t even boil down what they do into a cohesive short thought. This is critical in driving revenues forward. People typically will respond to the “Who are you and what is your identity” question with, “We provide or do X.” That’s what you provide, not who you are. If you can relay in a short, concise way who you are and how you can help your client, you will build instant rapport and put the odds in your favor of them becoming a client or supporter.

We have provided brand clarity to many organizations, large and small. We would love the opportunity to sit with you and explain some of those stories so you can see how adopting the same methodologies can help move your business forward.

“Simply stated. John, Bill, and the rest of the team at Danconia Media are experts at their craft, and I would recommend their services to anyone that is looking to create a brand that will stand out in in today’s competitive online marketplace.”

Because online clients get their first sense of who you are online, and without your physical presence, your brand is critical to the success of your online initiatives. Boil your brand down to the emotion behind the transaction, not the thing, and winning will become a habit.

Service and Product Development

Throughout the course of any properly defined SEO program, data is gathered and analytics analyzed. We see it time and time again where information arises that helps change the course of a product offering or service determination. Trends become clear, and aid in future business decisions.

Staffing and HR

Employee issues are some of the most challenging issues business’s face. From staffing up for seasonal work to retaining superstars, a well positioned company or organization stands the best chance in mitigating these troublesome problems. Additionally, as you recruit and retain key employees, they will be looking to join and remain with exciting, growing, and forward-thinking organizations that allow them to create, be productive, and have future upward mobility.

Creating that Environment to Lure and Entice Key Talent is Critical to Growing a Successful Business.

SEO drives awareness and demand from clients, which in turn fosters an environment where “things are happening.” Everyone wants to be part of something bigger. By investing in your SEO program you are investing in your staff and in reducing long-term headaches and costs with regards to HR. Don’t underestimate the value of a thriving workplace.

“We get calls from the best employees of our competitors looking for jobs and they often cite our broad online visibility and our website ranking everywhere in Google as one of the reasons they are calling, they simply want to be part of a growing, thriving company, our SEO program drives them right to us.”

Margin Pressure

Unlike competitive forces working against you, SEO can actually increase your margins. This happens quite regularly because as you get busier, you can adjust your rates upward as the funnel will continue to grow. Many companies are faced with the opposite: not enough business, or alternatively, are always in a perpetually chasing posture. When you get near capacity, raising rates is the most logical thing to do. Make more with less.

Employee Morale

Believe it or not, your brand has a lot to do with employee morale. When employees enjoy their jobs, and have a real sense of contribution and purpose, they feel, and in fact become, part of the team. With the right company handling your SEO and digital marketing, your brand will have real meaning, meaning your employees can relate to. Just how do we do this? We identify and refine your brand with your help, and then make sure it is front and center throughout all of your materials. Additionally, many companies overlook the value of having everyone on the same page. When your employees and key management are all pulling the wagon in the same direction, people are just happier. They don’t have to guess regarding what is expected of them, and what it is they are to portray to the client. Leaving that to chance leaves the success of your business to chance. “Luck favors the prepared man and woman.”

Client and Job Selection

This is an often overlooked benefit of a well thought out and executed SEO program. We all hate having to work for certain clients, and doing certain jobs. Unfortunately, we quite regularly take these types of opportunities because we have to “keep people busy.” With SEO filling the sales pipeline, you can start to pick and choose what work you take, and what work you pass on. We all know that this leads to a number of positive outcomes for your business—from profitability to employee morale—that just makes life easier.

A properly strategized SEO program will help place and align your brand properly within the marketplace as well as assimilate your internal resources, creating a synergy unattainable elsewhere.

When you look at SEO, you can’t just look at online traffic growth. Handled properly, it can take your business to a whole new level. Invest proportionally to the expectation and watch your business thrive! Don’t walk alone, let Danconia help you navigate the complex and confusing waters of digital marketing.